Access Control

Determining how to secure your facility is an important decision. Creating the right mix of security features is paramount to ensure that your assets are protected, while not impeding day to day operations. At Integrated Networks, we focus on innovative solutions that allow you to keep your people, property, operations and information safe.

Any company with a physical location should provide a safe environment for their employees and ensure the safety of visitors and customer while they are on the premises. Having an effective access control system in place is the most logical way to protect your business, property, and company information.

A well-designed and properly installed access control solution will ensure that employees and visitors can gain access to the areas needed at the right times while preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. We let the right people in and keep the wrong people out when it matters most.

In a world where so much is going on online and via computers, it’s not unusual for some of a business’ greatest assets to be data based instead of physical. Too often however, these crucial assets that reside in your Data Center or Server Room are only minimally protected with no historical entry data. Access control systems provide an audit trail and documentation of who was in what parts of your facility, and when. It will alert of propped open doors and forced entry, as well.

When you integrate your camera system with your access control system, you can utilize a confirmed entry system. This means when the employee swipes their badge, the camera at that door is activated. This provides a visual confirmation that the card holder did in fact pass through that doorway at the recorded time.

Additionally, an access control solution helps avoid the need for physical key management, as cards can be reprogrammed as needed. When an employee parts way with the company, you no longer need to re-key every door, simple deny their credentials and their card is no longer active on the system. You can also add or remove certain doors to an employee’s card on as-needed basis. With the door scheduling feature, you can activate the card to only operate during the employees anticipated work schedule, eliminating any after 5:00 or weekend entry if desired. Once your system is installed, you will have complete control and flexibility of your doors.

Let Integrated Networks design, install and maintain one of our access control solutions by our factory trained and certified technicians.