Network Cabling

Your structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of your voice and data network, therefore, choosing a qualified voice and data cabling provider is a critical decision. We provide a comprehensive approach to ensure a high quality, standards-based cabling infrastructure in adherence with industry standards including BICSI, TIA/EIA and NEC compliant cabling. A proper structured network cabling installation will provide a company with consistency in wiring, saves time and money when troubleshooting, and supports future growth. We use only high-end quality products in our structured wiring solutions, which are backed by manufacturer warranties. Our goal is to provide our customers with a physical layer infrastructure capable of supporting all applications designed in conjunction with today’s standards. By taking time to listen, study your business and understand your goals, Integrated Networks can design and install a complete voice and data cabling solution with service and support during and after the installation.

Fiber Optic Solutions

Future-Proof your network by utilizing a Fiber Optic solution to provide high bandwidth and allow for increased capacity for data transmission. Warehouses or large businesses with distance sensitive needs can be overcome with fiber optic solution to connect your network with a fast and stable Fiber connection. We can provide Single-mode and multimode fiber connectivity for your network needs.

We test all our installations to ensure you are receiving the highest quality connections. We can provide a print out of the test results for your records. All terminations are labeled and tested every time for easy adds, moves or changes in the future. On new installations, we will certify your network and upload the certification results to the manufacturer to receive extended warranty coverage.

Wiring Clean-up Before and After

Integrated Networks can streamline the wiring and the nest of cables that are currently found in your server room and create a more physically secure environment for your infrastructure. As an experienced Network Infrastructure company, Integrated Networks will design a solution for you that will be aesthetically pleasing while still providing the required accessibility needed for your network environment.

When the cabling is installed correctly, it will support multiple systems, such as voice, data, video, and multimedia. Our Structured Cabling technicians will assess your needs and prepare a plan to install a cabling solution that will grow with your company.

If the cabling in your business has been left in a disorganized mess by others or if you are experiencing system reliability issues, Integrated Networks offers improvement work on existing installations.


Integrated Networks prides itself on providing our clients with a complete cable management system that will insure the finished infrastructure will best serve your needs for years to come.  After completion of the physical installation, we will provide complete documentation, which includes: Return of customer provided hard copy ‘As Built’ floor plans with the addition of cable routing and work area outlet identification.  Termination diagrams illustrating the termination hardware and termination pin outs of your installation.  In addition, on proposals that include CD-ROM Documentation options, we will provide upon customers request: Test Certification summaries as Adobe PDF files that contain complete test results for each tested cable, floor plans (customer supplied) updated to contain work area outlet labeling and applicable cable and feeder routing.