Commercial Security Cameras

Integrated Networks offers a broad range of security camera solutions and utilizes the latest advancements in IP network camera technology. A properly designed camera and server system will protect your people, property, and facilities by providing users with sophisticated in-camera functionality, remote video monitoring and system integration. IP network camera solutions are innovative, flexible, and powerful, and have been proven effective in protecting businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our professional grade security camera video systems offer the latest in surveillance and video analytics. With a state-of-the-art camera system, you can capture and analyze video images according to specific criteria, predefined rules and behavior triggers to increase efficiency.

Video cameras are an important component of an effective building security system, but many people do not know that all cameras aren’t created equal. When choosing a security camera system, let our surveillance professionals help you select the right cameras for your application. Powerful surveillance cameras capture clear, high-quality video, making them ideal for a variety of environments. Network cameras are efficient, performance driven solutions for video surveillance. Whatever your needs, we’ll design a security camera system for your business that is functional and cost effective.

Minimize loss. Maximize revenue. Secure your customers and staff.

Workplace Safety

Video systems can also be valuable from a liability perspective. Slip, trip and fall claims are common, but sometimes turn out to be false. Without video footage to verify claims, such incidents could be costly. You can greatly reduce insurance claims by using the advanced search feature on a Video Management System to view such events.

Theft Prevention

Having cameras positioned effectively and recording high quality images is an essential deterrent. Our integrated solution can monitor suspect areas or be linked to the Point of Sale which is in turn recorded via the network video recorder when an alarm/event is activated. High-quality video is paramount when investigating crime. Video clips can be quickly exported to DVD/USB for any police investigation. Overall, it saves valuable time when it comes to proving that a crime has been committed.

An adequately designed and properly installed camera system is a vital part of securing any commercial space. Not only do these systems protect inventory and guard against theft, but installing security cameras can help lower insurance rates, protect from frivolous lawsuits, deter criminal activity, and help promote a safe environment for all occupants.